When you contact us saying that you want a video, you may get the answer: ”No, you don’t!” (possibly phrased slightly more politely). Don’t get us wrong; we would love to do business with you. We just firmly believe that focus should always be on the message, and that the tool – in this case a video – is something we choose together once the message and objective have been established.

The reason that video entered your mind in the first place is that you know that video can be a powerful communication tool. It can generate identification and create an intuitive understanding of complex issues. But a video is not just a video. A video always appears in context with other communication tools.

When we know this context, and when the message and target groups are identified, we can decide whether your video should consist of talking heads, of reporting in the field, animated graphics or maybe a mix of all three. It’s all about making the right impact and creating value for your money.

Video case stories